Promoting worldwide environmental sustainability

Our programs

Once a year we grant two ecology international awards
Local Ecofriendly Government

It is essential to recognize real and forceful achievements of the mayorships whose efforts in both urban and rural reforestation are outstanding and notable so we achieve further support, their commitment to continue the actions that give back to nature and therefore, generate a better society.

Ecofriendly Company

This award is given to the company whose efforts throughout the years or its history are virtuous. Those merits can be its green facilities, reforestation of the community or the consolidation of a protected reserve.

We certify ecofriendly companies

Green companies always have more productive employees and grow their sales by increasing the perception of credibility and trust of their potential customers. It is a formula where everyone wins, the environment is improved, society by improving its fair trade practices and companies, having the satisfaction that the increase in sales is for a noble reason.

Specifically, they are companies where people want to work and customers enjoy shopping. We know that caring for the planet is a personal matter, but companies, regardless of their size, can promote this distinguished cause through their actions. It is easy to achieve an impact on the well-being of the community. In other words, no matter the size of your company, we have a plan to generate green profits in each sector, being part of this remarkable initiative.

Personal Ecofriendly Award

The Smallest Action is Worth More than the Biggest Intention
We also grant personal actions and all individual participation in the reforestation of our environment, in order to give back to nature part of what it has given us.


Our history

Our founder, Luis Gabriel Hinojosa Manzo, started his ecological activism from a young age, currently with more than 40 years dedicated to the conservation of the environment is appreciated as one of the most recognized environmentalists in the country. He has been awarded with the World Marketing Organization's 21st Century World Quality Action Award, as well as 2002's Areas Conservation of Nature Award provided by the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas in Mexico.

Also, our founder has been recognized by the Secretary of Social Development (Queretaro, MX) with the State Prize for Forest Solidarity, the Secretary of Social Development and the Secretary of Agricultural Development, Government (Queretaro, MX), the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, by President Felipe Calderón, as well as local universities such as UVM.

Our alliances

More than 10,000 trees planted